Admissions Process

With much glee and enthusiasm, we want to announce that admissions to our prestigious After School Program and enrollment for the Summer Camp will begin in the first fortnight of June.

We don’t believe in labelling children so we don’t conduct any specific entrance exams.

However, the subject proficiency is evaluated by our faculty based on which we recommend class levels to the students.

For instance, if your child is a beginner in Chinese and doesn’t speak, write or understand the language proficiently, we will recommend and accept enrollment in the beginner or skilled level Program.

The student has to follow the specific chain of expertise levels so if your child is proficient at speaking English, we will recommend and accept enrollment for expert level. And, we have the smoothest admission process.

The only assessment test we conduct during enrollment is done to check which proficiency level of classes would be the best choice for your child.

Call our Course Coordinator or Faculty to find out more about the admission process.

About Cambridge Leaf

We are absolutely delighted and proud to announce that Cambridge Leaf is starting its first batch of students for After School Program, Private Classes and Summer Camp in June 2018.


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