Casa Synopsis (3-6 years)


Casa Program “A Time To Transcend”-(3 years – 6 years old)

“Preparation for life means educating the whole child.”

-Maria Montessori
At Cambridge Leaf Montessori, our Casa programme offers a comprehensive academic foundation, which encompasses five major areas of study: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Cultural studies. Through the expectation of academic excellence, in a nurturing environment, students are empowered to challenge themselves, to take responsibility, and to discover the joy of learning. The Casa classrooms provide our children with a greater opportunity to mature their social, ethical, and emotional development with their peers. This stage is essential in enhancing necessary skills for a happy productive adult life. Knowledge and learning patterns established in the early years instill confident, competent and inquisitive learners who are ready to move on to their next phase of learning.


Our enriched curriculum for Casa students is especially designed to:

  • To provide an environment that allows each child to develop at his/her own pace and to his/her fullest potential.
  • To encourage care of oneself and the environment
  • To aid the continued development of respect for others and the materials.
  • To foster a love of learning, creativity, logical thinking and skills for life.
  • To aid the growth of the child into a complete social, emotional, and intellectual being.
  • To build continuity between home and school through parent education and parent-teacher conferences.
Cambridge Leaf Montessori School is a fully licensed school by the Ministry of Education. We adhere to all the policies and guidelines set forth by the Ministry, thus ensuring a safe and quality educational experience. 'Fully Licenced and approved by the Ministry of Education'
We are accredited with the International Montessori Council(IMC), so you can be sure that we are an authentic and credible Montessori school.
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