Frequently Asked Questions: Pre-Casa&Casa Program

What are the hours of operation?

The Pre-Casa Program begins at 7:30 am and ends at 6:00 pm.
The Kindergarten Program beings at 7:30 am and ends at 6:00 pm.

Does Cambridge Leaf Provide healthy snack and lunch options?

Yes, our centre is fully catered by Childrens Choice Catering. The children are provideda healthy lunch as well as two nutritious snacks (morning and afternoon) in addition to milk and water. Parents do not bring food into the facility unless approved by the Principal in advance.

How long is the nap time and where do the children sleep?

In all of our programs there is a scheduled group “nap time” after lunch each day. This quiet rest period is approximately 2 hours long and children who wake early or do not sleep will be provided with quiet activities to work on.Each child is provided with their own cot and bedding that is sent home weekly to be washed.

What does the centre do to ensure strong parent-teacher communication?

All the staff at Cambridge Leaf Montessoriuse the Brightwheel app to maintain ongoing communication with parents.The app allows teachers to share photos, messages, attendance checks etc. Parents can be at ease and stay connectedto their child’s day while still carrying on their own by using Brightwheel.

If my child is a pick eater can i send food from home?

We don’t allow children to bring outside food into the facility to ensure we are not putting anyone in the centre at risk of potential allergies. Additionally, we are a NUT FREE facility.

Is the ministry of education curriculum followed?

The Ministry of Education curriculum is covered in conjunction with and in addition to the Montessori curriculum. Children complete Ministry curriculum material but at their own pace through self-directed studies based on ability and interest. Some children receive extra time, attention and accommodations in areas of difficulty. Typically, Montessori students work well beyond the Ministry guidelines.

What is the student to teacher ratio in the preschool and kindergarten program?

The ratio in a Pre-Casa classroom is 1:8. The ratio for the Casa programis 1:13.

What Accrediations does the centre have?

The Ministry of Education, which makes annual, visits to ensure that regulations are being met and followed, licenses Cambridge Leaf Montessori. The Ministry of Education also maintains contact throughout the year regarding changes in legislation or requirements. In addition, we receive quarterly visits from Public Health, which inspects our kitchen, food preparation and storage. A Public Health representative visits annually to ensure classrooms are following all health and safety related guidelines with respect to illnesses, disinfecting, maintaining immunization records, etc.

Do you offer sibling discount?

Yes, we offer a 5% sibling deduction applied to the whole tuition for all siblings currently enrolled

What kind of feedback or assesment do you provide on my child's progress?

We send home three progress reports throughout the academic year. We also conduct two parent-teacher interviews.

How often do the students go outside?

Weather permitting, the students will go outside for up to two hours each day (one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon).

How is creativity encouraged in the classroom?

Creativity thrives in an atmosphere of acceptance and trust. Cambridge Leaf Teachers recognize that children, from Toddlers to Kindergarten, learn and express themselves in a variety of ways. Making choices, taking risks, self-correction of mistakes, openness to different perspectives, and the growth of self-confidence all encourage creativity to flourish.

Cambridge Leaf Montessori School is a fully licensed school by the Ministry of Education. We adhere to all the policies and guidelines set forth by the Ministry, thus ensuring a safe and quality educational experience. 'Fully Licenced and approved by the Ministry of Education'
We are accredited with the International Montessori Council(IMC), so you can be sure that we are an authentic and credible Montessori school.
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