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Cambridge Leaf is all about nurturing your child’s mind and helping you grow. Following our motto, “Expression-Education-Individuality”, we have designed a unique way of approaching education for young minds. Education should never be a number’s game is what we believe in. With our methods of helping your child embrace contemporary education, and grow their academic and interpersonal skills, we make sure that they thoroughly enjoy their journey of learning with our After School Programs in Ontario.

Your child’s growth is our priority Education doesn’t have to boring but kids often complain because of the monotony. It’s particularly hard to keep a child engaged in a lesson. Given how hectic school curriculums are getting and the increasingly competitive climate, we have devised simple, after school programs to help your child. Our English Tutoring puts the most innovative and interesting techniques to use that help you children not just learn but also interact using the language and embrace it practically. Not only will we help with the homework but also make sure that they get the guidance they deserve and enjoy their lessons.

Why enroll your child with After School Program in Ontario?

Cambridge Leaf Ontariooffers reliable tutoring classes for English, French, Mandarin, Science and Math. Our After School programs are now open with a focus on not just academic growth but also individual student development

Creative and Independent Thinking

Our learning activities for English, Math, Chinese, French and Science After School Programs are focused on nurturing a creative and independent way of thinking. We believe that while theories look good on paper, practicing the lessons in person and with friends in a supervised environment can help your child understand them better. We not only promote and facilitate practical learning through our After School Programs but also foster a creative thinking so your children can expand their thinking and grow independent. Throughout the classes, we also ensure that your child’s academic performance doesn’t dwindle and their theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject grows.

Better Academic Performance

We have designed our After School programs keeping the needs of working parents in mind. They are often unable to proactively supervise their child’s educational growth. Our program is tailored to fit working parents’ needs so your children will receive the necessary stimulation to stay active, engaged and happy throughout the day.

Through our English, Chinese, French, Math and Science After School Program, we not only promote academic growth but also social growth. Our programs offer your child the relaxed environment they need to grow as healthy students and foster friendships with like-minded children.

Cambridge Leaf Learning Academy

The Cambridge Leaf Academy is among the best school in Ontario, Canada. Our top management and training team has been in the education field for over decades and we are progressive thinkers keen on bringing about a change that benefits not only younger students but also parents. Our mission is to help your child succeed and nurture their vibrant personality by optimizing their academic potential. No age is too young to begin with our After School Program and even if you are working, we will take care of your child’s needs throughout the day with professional trainers. Drop in a message if you’d like to more about Enrollment process for Ontario Cambridge Leaf After School Programs or just call our coordinators to know all about our Ontario English Tutoring, French Tutoring, Mandarin Tutoring, Math Tutoring and Chinese Tutoring

Cambridge Leaf Montessori School is a fully licensed school by the Ministry of Education. We adhere to all the policies and guidelines set forth by the Ministry, thus ensuring a safe and quality educational experience. 'Fully Licenced and approved by the Ministry of Education'
We are accredited with the International Montessori Council(IMC), so you can be sure that we are an authentic and credible Montessori school.
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