Pre Casa Synopsis (2.5-3.5)


Pre-Casa Program “A Time To Shine”-(2.5– 3.5 years old)

“Preparation for life means educating the whole child.”

-Maria Montessori
Cambridge Leaf Montessori’s, Pre-Casa program offers an environment that is warm, nurturing and dynamic. The aim of the program is to foster a readiness for school life in general and for the Casa program in particular. Daily activities are designed to enhance skills, enabling an easy transition into a more structured environment. Our pre casa program is intended to support the family who is new to Montessori or who are graduating from our toddler program.

The Pre-Casa program is challenging, comprehensive and diverse. It is built on the recognition that children in this age group absorb effortlessly from his/her surroundings, just by living and doing. It provides a supportive environment designed to foster independence, language and creativity for children aged 30 to 36 months. The program focuses on the emotional and intellectual needs of each individual child within a secure environment specifically designed to stimulate and engage children in this age group.

Confidence and self esteem grow through activities and materials that encourage self-expression and promote cognitive and gross motor development, as well as development of the senses and co-ordination. These children are curious about everything and thrive in our specially designed environment that provides endless opportunities for exploration, discovery and wonderment. Special materials with stimulating visual and tactile elements are literally at their fingertips, quenching their innate thirst to touch and manipulate the objects around them.


There is an ancient Chinese proverb which states:

  • I hear and I forget
  • I hear and I forget
  • I see and I remember
  • I do and I understand
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