Summer Camp

Our Summer Camp is open for children studying in grade 1-8.

We promise an experience like never before.

Children are among the most creative people on earth. But with academic pushing, we end up suppressing their creative talents.

We believe that education should be a balanced blend of creative conditioning and academics. Our Summer Camp has been designed to bring the Picasso, Maradona, Glenn Gould, Einstein, and Obama out of your kids.

We believe that kids don’t just grow up and decide to be the president or a footballer one day. We don’t believe that kids are born with it either.

We believe that while kids may get confused, giving them the independence to pick their lessons, learn creatively and have sufficient time for arts and crafts is what makes them scholastically perfect.

With Summer Camps, we give your kids the environment they need to enjoy and learn. We have everything they need.

Check out the numerous wonderful clubs we have for children studying in Grade 1-8:

Craft Club

Think you fancy crafts more than football? Join our Crafts Club to bring your amazing ideas to life. Make beautiful things with hands and surprise people with your craftsmanship. Whatever medium you fancy, we have it available. You can work with clay, plastic, foam, colours, acrylic, sand, wood, paper, etc. If you have other needs, we will make your requirements available.

Dancing/Music Club

Have an artist inside of you? Like music or dancing? Our Dance and Music Club gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your skills, learn new skills and develop a mature understanding of Dance and Music without ever getting bored. Practise Dance Routines, Collaborate with dancers, learn new instruments, practice singing with our Dance and Music Club.

Board Games Club

Children love to play games, but with so many are now choosing electronic devices over good old fashioned board games. It is great to encourage them to keep the ipads/tablets aside and have a more communal experience! Snakes & Ladders,UNO,Monopoly(any many others) can be great fun and educational too.

Storytelling Club

Fancy stories or literature? Join our club and learn the art of storytelling from other members and teach them your techniques. Or just enjoy listening to chilling, entertaining stories.

Film Club

Enjoy Films? Join our Films Club and relax with a movie and some snacks after school or during the summer break. Have movie theories? Share them with the members and find out what they think about your favourite movies!

Science Fun Club

Like Science? Our Club gives you the perfect place to experiment and acquire new knowledge. Share your doubts, get answers, explain stuff to other kids while doing fun science things

Games Club

Join our physical activity club for better practice and bring your dreams of being a quarterback alive. And, we play a number games so take your pick!

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