Toddler Synopsis (18 months-2.5 years)


Toddler Program “A Time To Awaken”-(18 months – 2.5 years)

“The education of even a small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life.”

-Maria Montessori
At Cambridge Leaf, “A Time To Awaken” is within the heart, soul and spirit of each and every Toddler who enters our community. The first few years of a child’s life are crucial to his or her personality and intellectual development. Young children need not only love, emotional nurturance, and a healthy physical environment, but also an environment that fosters their natural curiosity to explore the world around them; thus the “awakening”. Toddlers flourish in a prepared environment that respects, supports, and responds to their basic needs for independence, exploration, the building of trust, self-esteem and quest for autonomy. We refer to their space as a ‘community’, instead of a classroom, because the children are learning to participate in a cooperative group, as they experience their first contact with other children. We offer an environment that is a thoughtful extension of the home and enables children to grow and learn through spontaneous and self-directed activities. The teachers are committed to aid the child in developing a strong character and a love of learning which sets a foundation for life. Using the Montessori Method of education, the child’s development and growth are at the forefront of their educational journey.  

Cambridge Leaf Montessori School is a fully licensed school by the Ministry of Education. We adhere to all the policies and guidelines set forth by the Ministry, thus ensuring a safe and quality educational experience. 'Fully Licenced and approved by the Ministry of Education'
We are accredited with the International Montessori Council(IMC), so you can be sure that we are an authentic and credible Montessori school.
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