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Children are getting smarter day by day but the curriculum at school is getting harder and heavier. While many advocate that education should be a balanced blend of fun and learning, we believe that education should be a never-ending process. There’s a famous saying that Schools are often the second family/home of a child. More and more couples are making the move from the traditional stay-at-home mother to working moms and we believe that it is our responsibility to offer you child the guidance he/she needs along with the warmth of a family.

We got you covered

Cambridge Leaf Toronto promises you that your children will find a family of like-minded kids among our classes and just the kind of enthusiasm and positive vibes they need to keep on growing and learning.

After School Program in Toronto:Given the highly competitive academic climate, it’s safe to say that your child needs a stronger dose of education. Whether it’s Math, Science, Mandarin, English or French, children now need to be fully invested in these subjects to completely grasp the knowledge. Often, children studying in grade 1-8 have trouble practising foreign languages and finishing homework without supervision.

At our After School Classes in Toronto, we focus on providing your child a unique learning experience that fortifies their scholastic strength and develops independent thinking. In simpler words, we coach your child to perfection and leave no stone unturned to ensure that our classes’ standards of quality education match your standards of academic excellence.

Our priority with these After School programs and English, Math, Science, Mandarin and French Coaching/Tutoring classes is to polish your child’s academic talents and nurture their rational and progressive through process.

How to Enroll?

You can call our coordinator or simply drop us a mail concerning your interest in getting your child enrolled in our after school program.

Please mention the program you want to enroll your child in and we will provide you completely details regarding the process.

In the first stage, we will assess the aptitude of your child to understand which level of the after school program he’s best suitable for. Furthermore, we will align your child’s academic curriculum and make sure that our classes help your child reach the academic heights you always wanted him/her to reach.

Cambridge Leaf Montessori School is a fully licensed school by the Ministry of Education. We adhere to all the policies and guidelines set forth by the Ministry, thus ensuring a safe and quality educational experience. 'Fully Licenced and approved by the Ministry of Education'
We are accredited with the International Montessori Council(IMC), so you can be sure that we are an authentic and credible Montessori school.
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